Fact#1. McDonalds = patties?


JinK:  Bishop-san, you’ve lost weight, haven’t you?

Bishop:  Yes I have. I’ve been doing a low-carb diet called the keto diet, and so far I’ve lost 18 kilograms

JinK:  That’s great. So, you don’t eat any rice or bread, right? Don’t you get hungry?

Bishop:  Actually I can eat lots of high fat and protein foods like meat and cheese, so I don’t get hungry.

        But, there is one problem…

JinK:   What’s that?

Bishop:   In Japan, they don’t let you order a hamburger without the bun.

JinK:   Well, of course! Without the bun, it’s not a hamburger.

Bishop:  But in the U.S., they let you. If you ask for it with no bun, they’ll just give you the meat (patty).

        Sometimes, they’ll even wrap it in lettuce for no extra charge.

        Without the bun, I can do my low-carb diet, and the restaurant saves money on the buns,

        so it’s a win-win situation isn’t it?

        I don’t understand why they don’t allow it in Japan.

        I asked McDonalds Corporate, and they just told me

         “We honor requests to hold the cheese, pickles, onions or other ingredients which our customers

        don’t like the taste of.

        However, buns, patties (meat) etc. are the main ingredients of the sandwich, so please accept our apology

        but we cannot “hold” them.

        I don’t get it… it should be good for the company…

JinK:   Bishop-san, I get your logic, but I don’t think this is as simple as “it’s fine since they are saving money”.

        I think it has to do with what McDonalds is fundamentally.

        On a fundamental level, McDonalds equals hamburgers, which means buns and a patty,

        with options such as cheese, bacon, pickles, etc.

        So I think they don’t want to stray from that.

        They could try things like making the buns out of rice, but then it wouldn’t be McDonalds any more.

        If you want to have a hamburger without buns, why don’t you try Royal Host or Denny’s?

Bishop:   Yeah you’re right. A burger without the bun is the same price as with, so I feel like I’m getting cheated.

        But sometimes I just feel like McDonalds.

JinK:  So that means that you like McDonalds’ patties. To you, McDonalds = patties?

Bishop:   Of course, I like the taste of the buns as well, but that doesn’t work with the low-carb diet…

JinK:   Hmmm, sorry to say, but I think there’s nothing you can do about that in Japan.

        You’ll just have to order the burger and toss the bun.

Bishop:  Throwing away food, that’s such a waste!

JinK:  Not wanting to waste food, Bishop-san, you’ve really turned Japanese haven’t you!

Fact#1:  In the USA, you can order a hamburger at McDonalds without the bun

by Bishop & JinK.

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